Secrets in your Doodles

Yes most of us doodle! Even if we don't admit to it! But whatever the doodle, it's often a totally unconscious drawing whilst our mind is concentrating elsewhere.

It's surprising too, that we tend to repeat the same selection of favourite patterns, i.e. dots, boxes, triangles, circles, our names - the choice is endless. Doodling can help to relieve tension particularly if we press hard it is said that it can calm our nerves too!

Why do we doodle?

Because we are unlocking some of the hidden anxieties in our everyday life.

But what do they mean?

Let's work out a few explanations.

Triangle doodlesTriangles - Suggest an aggressive personality, highly competitive

Flower doodle Flowers - are imagination - love of beauty and a search for love

Web doodle Webs - an intricate web shows a desire to accumulate friends, money and status

Star doodle Stars - symbols of hope and aiming for success and achievement

Stairs doodle Stairs and steps - open to relationships

Square doodles Squares as opposed to rounded shapes indicate a need for order and structure

Slashed lines doodle Slashed lines - this is an angry person

Open box doodle Open boxes - a practical and logical thinker

Your name doodle Writing your own name over and over again means egotism

Arrows doodle Bold arrows - very determined, great drive, direct

Retrace doodle Retraced patterns - a perfectionist

Grapes doodle Grapes - signify hospitality, gregarious and fun loving

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